Providing Healthcare Staffing Where and When You Need It


Cornerstone Healthcare Solutions  is dedicated to helping Hospitals and Long Term Care facilities achieve success in staffing open needs. With a 24/7 on call staff member, we are always available to handle staffing needs. We are committed to find staffing for all situations, locations, and time frames. Whether staff is needed next week or next shift, let Cornerstone Healthcare Solutions  assist you with your needs.


Cornerstone Healthcare Solutions Inc. provides these services for your facilities:


  • Skilled Nursing Care for Hospitals and LTC Facilities

  • Experienced State Certified Nurses and Aides

  • 24/7/365 Staffing

  • Current Schedulers have over 15 years combined Staffing experience

Cornerstone Healthcare Solutions offers Signup and Referral Bonuses for New HiresClick here for details of how it works!

Better Care Starts with You!