Health Care Jobs

We are always looking for Qualified Nurses and Aides. As an EEO employer we are striving to fill staffing needs in Kansas with your help. We offer competitive wages and do not have a required number of shifts you have to fill to maintain employment. By utilizing INAalert software, the shifts are sent out by text message and offer the ability to pick up shifts utilizing the ShiftBoard in INAalert. We do not pressure individuals into picking up shifts as we want you to only pick up shifts you feel comfortable filling. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at anytime by phone or email.


Cornerstone Healthcare offers Signup and Referral Bonuses for New HiresClick here for details of how it works!

RN, LPN, CMA, CNA, Interim DON or Administrator Application and Required Documents:

For any questions about the application process or to inquire about your application, contact:
Office: 785-789-3944
Fax: 785-789-4756