Timesheets and Pay

In order to be paid each week, you will need to submit a timesheet.

To print off a Timesheet, simply click on "Information/Timesheet" and print off the blank timesheets.

Your pay week runs Sunday-Saturday, therefore please put all shifts you work between those days on 1 timesheet. You will take this timesheet to any facility you visit during the week.

After your last shift for the week and before Mondays at 12:00p.m. please submit your completed and Signed timesheet. You can submit your timesheet a couple of ways:

Submitting Via Fax

  1. While at a facility, after your shift, you may be able to use the fax machine to send your Timesheet

  2. You will fax your timesheet to:

    • 620-564-2017

Submitting Via Email

  1. You may take a clear picture of your completed timesheet (please ensure it can be read easily)

  2. Attach your picture of the timesheet to an email and send it to:

  3. Please include in the subject line:

    • Your Name

    • Week of Timesheet

Once we have received your timesheet, you will receive a message stating that we have received it. If you do not receive a message by Mondays at 11:00a.m. please resend your timesheet and contact us via email or text.

*We do not have staff in the office during the weekends or recognized holidays, so you may not receive a confirmation message about your timesheet during those times*

If you have submitted your Timesheet and received the confirmation message, your paycheck will be direct deposited into your account on Friday mornings.

If you have not filled out a Direct Depost Agreement Form, you may do that here.